SSB News: Liu Wen Makes History as the First Asian Model on Forbes’s Top-Earners List

Liu Wen debuted on Forbes list of top earning models this year, taking the number 5 spot. Wen is the first Asian model to be featured on this list. Wen, the first Asian model to make the cut, has had a career filled with firsts in her five years in the industry. Highlights include campaigns with Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss and becoming the first Asian Victoria’s Secret Angel model and the first Asian model for Estee Lauder.

According to Fashion Telegraph, the rise of Liu Wen is a sign of the fashion industry taking note of the power of Asian consumers. China, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia are responsible for about half of all the global luxury purchases being made around the world. British stores are starting to install UnionPay terminals for Chinese customers (China’s only bank organization) to make their shopping experience easier. Chinese visitors usually spend about 3 times more than other international visitors in the area. British stores aren’t the only ones recognizing the power of the Asian market. Elle magazine recently published its Elle Collections magazine that featured an entire shopping guide in Mandarin.

Although there has been an increase of Asian models on the runways in Milan and Paris the beauty world is the one that is really breaking ground with Asian models. Elle’s Rosie Bendandi says “The beauty world is in love with Asian girls.” Estee Lauder is one of the beauty brands leading the way in using diverse models, with contracts with Joan Smalls and Liu Wen. While it is clear that the fashion world could still use a bit of diversity, it is nice to see Liu Wen breaking boundaries and paving the way for other Asian models.

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